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Homepage copy: [main picture]

[headline:] Designing your perfect online home [logo]

[tagline:] My Mission is to create user-centred, fully-responsive websites that solve problems for both the client and their customers.

[CTA button text:] Want to create your perfect online home? Just reach out here.

About page copy:
[headline:] VSmith Design – a designer who can code

[tagline:] Making your website look and work at its best

I love what I do. I started off freelancing as a graphic designer for McKinsey & Co and Time Magazine, and then worked in-house at Formula 1 Management, Austin Reed and Country Casuals.

At the last three, I was involved with their website launches, dealing with all aspects from concept stage to going live. It was great to dive into branding on the web, layout design, e-commerce and email marketing at the top end of the game. I’ve been hooked ever since, more recently going deeper into coding and responsive web design, with exciting and satisfying results.

[sub-header:] What’s in it for you…
You need differentiation; a web approach that can make you stand out.

I design unique logos and create custom websites using WordPress-Genesis and Static HTML, tailoring every aspect of the website to the client’s needs.

A designer-developer like me can take your brand and develop it right through the project, creating a feeling of unity to the style, colours, readability and functionality. You’ll want someone who knows as much about design and creativity as they do about tech and coding, to be able to connect with your public through your website.

I care about your website and want it to work in the best way possible for you and your customers. I can work on an end-to-end service, from concepts and development through to hosting and maintenance, if needed. Much of a website’s shape can come from attention to your customer’s needs and conversion points, and I can collaborate with a copywriter for content creation, mapping and SEO.

[sub-header:] An individual approach will elevate your website and brand above your competition.

Incredibly, around 50,000 new WordPress sites are launched worldwide every day, so ones with the best functionality and feel are the ones that will get noticed (by Google and your customers!).

You can transform your online presence and start to reach new customers even with just a single-page showstopper of a website, an email campaign via MailChimp, or a full website re-design. Whichever it is, I’ll be there to take care of you from start to finish.

For a run-down about hosting & maintenance, check out my section about it h ere For SEO easily explained, take a look at t his article

[sub-header:] The Story:

I saw a lot of websites that looked great on the surface, but underneath felt generic and impersonal, and didn’t deliver the kind of experience a user needs. I saw others that suffered from poor design, lack of brand coherence and obscured communication. Both let down the businesses they aimed to serve.

I set up to solve this problem and strive for a personal approach to web design, one based on a lot of clear, direct communication with you, the client, and creating a sense of meaning and connection. Enough with the templates!

My Mission:

To create user-centred and fully responsive websites that solve problems for the client and their customers.

My Values:

Mutuality and trust

We’re in this together. I go into everything in good faith and work from the starting point that you want to get the best results too. We’re both professionals, and when you win, I win.

Growth with meaning

You can’t get anywhere with the emperor’s new clothes. Real growth is backed up with experience, great ideas and a depth of knowledge, personality and support. There are no hollow great brands out there.

Love what you do

We all know, whatever you’re doing, if you love it then the end result will shine. [insert photo of Vicky]


Do you want to create your perfect online home? I’d love to help with a website design to make you feel proud and your clients feel they’re in the right place.

Drop me a line at [insert email address] or call me on 079XX 545XXX for a quick 5-10 minute chat. I’d be happy to hear about what you need.




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