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Clear, Professional, Honest Planning Advice


Give your project an edge with our knowledge and experience



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With over 30 years of working in both the public and private sectors, you can be sure we know every aspect of property planning and development. We can bring a wealth of experience to the table on your project, and work hard to get the best results for every client.


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Services To Suit Your Proposal



From start to finish, you’ll get a bespoke planning consultation and development service tailored to the needs of your unique project.


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Telephone Consultation

[body text]: Do you have a great project, but need advice on the application? Book a 30-minute phone consultation to see how I can help.

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Planning Checker

[body text]: Our own unique system where you can go through everything you need to consider with your application.

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Feasibility Appraisal

[body text]: Before submitting a Planning Application, we need to do our homework on your site to make sure it is likely to succeed.

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The Complete Planning Service

[body text]: Our one stop shop service where we look after everything for you, from initial consultations to keeping track of the application to its conclusion.

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Telephone Consultation

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Want To Talk About Your Project?


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Do you have a great planning project, but need some advice?

Book a 30-minute phone consultation to see how I can help.


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Book my call


Telephone Consultation page:



Improve your prospects in just half an hour



A 1 to 1 Call To Discuss Your Planning Project


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Book a telephone consultation with me, Linda Wright, and get a fresh pair of experienced eyes on your project. 30 minutes of dedicated time for just £97 +VAT



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Any queries about planning matters?


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Do you have an issue with a development, or has the application stalled? Or do you simply need help navigating the labyrinth of Council regulations and procedures?


I can help you troubleshoot potential problems and offer advice on the best way to proceed.


Book a 30-minute telephone consultation session and I’ll be able to give you quick, valuable feedback on your project.



Gain an advantage with my professional guidance


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What do you get from talking to me? Three key things:


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  • Rock-solid, no-nonsense practical advice
  • The benefits of my experience and relationships in the field
  • Knowledge accumulated from over 30 years working in planning and development


My telephone consultation service is a 30-minute discussion, and costs £97 +VAT*


*Note – if you subsequently engage our services, then the cost of the phone consultation will be deducted from your final invoice.



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Your project is unique, and my advice will be tailored to you.


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People often ask:


“What is the likelihood of getting planning permission?”

“How long will it take?”

“How much will it cost?”


There is no one answer to all these questions. Each site is different, each project is different, and each council has different planning policies.


This is where my services can help you. I can navigate your project through all the various regulations, policies, personalities and procedures involved with your site.


Is success guaranteed? Not every time, but my success rate does speak for itself.


And I can guarantee to give you 100% of my efforts and honest, clear, professional advice on your planning application.



What do I need to know for the call?


You’ll get the most out of the phone consultation if we both have all information to hand in advance. I’ll need to know:


  • Site address & postcode
  • Local Council
  • Current use of the site/property
  • Any planning permission(s) already in place?
  • Your proposals


And also a little more about you:

  • Describe your property experience, if any?
  • Why have you chosen to invest in this particular site?
  • What financial expectations do you have of this site/property?
  • What uplift in value do you think planning permission would add?
  • How will you fund the proposals? (e.g. yourself/mortgage/joint venture/investor)


The booking form will take you through this, with simple boxes to complete. If you’re unsure on any point, a brief answer is better than none at all!



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Looking forward to talking to you!


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We all want to make things happen. But to make sure it works out, you have to plan it right.



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