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The Health & Wellbeing Hub is a place for people to simply come and be themselves.

We believe physical and mental workouts help people improve and strengthen their mental health resilience, and enhance their wellbeing.

We want to create an online community full of like-minded people, just like you.

By becoming a member of The Health and Wellbeing Hub, you will have a safe place to be you.

You will get the chance to relate to people, talk to them about wellbeing, and listen to their stories, how they have managed to get through their tough times.

We will help you to set goals and gain a sense of achievement.

everybody needs a place to unwind and the health and wellbeing hub is just that.

join in as much or as little as you want.

nothing is compulsory and nothing is judged.


How can we help you?
The Hub is for everyone over the age of 18.

This really is true – anybody can benefit from being a member.

We all experience different strains and stresses throughout the day, and we all need an escape. But sometimes we struggle to find that escape and the support we often need.

That’s where The Health and Wellbeing Hub can help you.

We are here to introduce you to an inclusive, safe community, a community that has one big goal in common – a happy, stress-free life. The programme attendance is dictated by you and you are not forced to participate in anything at all.
Everybody needs a safe space to unwind, and The Health & Wellbeing Hub is exactly that.

By becoming a Hub member you will be part of an online community via a member-only 24/7 Facebook page.

Our support is based on a 4-week rolling programme that combines physical and mental workouts to help our community improve and strengthen their mental health.

Our programme consists of:
Live sessions and guest speakers
Bi-weekly physical activities
Bi-weekly creative activities
Monthly group challenges
Support from other like minded individuals
Videos of all sessions, to watch at a time convenient to you (which remain available to you for as long as you are a Hub member)

Once every two weeks on a Monday, you will be invited to an online meeting where we simply all get together and chat.

This does not have to be just bad news and bad days. We also encourage sharing good news, all the little wins and good things that have happened to us too.

We want the Hub community to be a source of guidance for all those little challenges that life presents. For example if you’re going for an interview or writing a C.V, why not use the group to help hone your skills and give you that extra bit of motivation.

The Hub will also have signposting to different areas of mental health support and wellbeing for those who need them.


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