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Get more profile views

Wondering how to get more people to look at your profile? Keep reading for a few ideas to boost your ProCopywriters profile.

Views don’t pay the bills. But the next person to view your profile could be the client of your dreams. So it’s worth taking a few minutes to enhance your profile so you improve your chances of being seen.

The Pro advantage

Pro members (who pay for annual membership) appear before all Basic members in any search of our directory. This means there is a big advantage to being a Pro member. If you want more views, and the potential of more enquiries, you should consider Pro membership.

Complete your profile (completely)

People can search our directory in a few different ways. They might look for a copywriter near them, they might look for a copywriter with industry knowledge, or they might search for a copywriter with particular skills.

Make sure you add your location (just your town will do – we don’t need your home address), your skills and your industry knowledge to your profile. The more detailed your profile, the more likely it is that you will appear in search results.

Add a professional picture

If you appear in search results, but don’t have a picture (or have a blurry picture of you in a bar) then you are less likely to get views than someone who has a neat, clear picture. You don’t necessarily need a professional photographer, just a willing friend, natural light and a smartphone.

Update your profile

Have a look at our directory page. All of the profiles listed under the search bar are people who have recently updated their profile. We put those people in front of potential clients because we can assume that they’re available for work (busy copywriters are less likely to have time for marketing). You could update your profile daily and always be at the top of this page. Updating your profile simply means signing in and changing (and saving) the text, picture, portfolio, specialisms or skills.

Make life easy for clients

Double-check that your profile has working links and functioning phone numbers. Clients will prefer profiles that have clear contact information as well as other links such as a Twitter or LinkedIn profile. Additional links give clients a chance to get to know you, and look for signs that you are a reputable professional.

Member spotlight

Every ProCopywriters member is invited to answer the member spotlight questions. You can then upload your answers yourself, using your dashboard. We also share these articles on Facebook and Twitter. So it’s a nice way to get a little extra exposure and appear on our home page.

Already appeared in the spotlight? No worries, we’ve changed the feature so now all members (Pro and Basic) are welcome to appear in the spotlight once every year. Following your first appearance, we’ll provide a different set of questions to answer. Email for more information

Blog for us

Do you have your own blog? Why not re-publish one of your articles on ProCopywriters? We are looking for articles about copywriting, SEO, persuasion, advertising, freelancing, conversion, communications and more. If it’s of interest to copywriters, clients and people who work with copywriters, then we’re interested in publishing it. You can upload articles yourself from your dashboard.

Please read the editorial guidelines before uploading.

Clients go direct

We know that clients often use our directory to search for copywriters, but will then contact people directly (i.e. not on our website). So you may get enquiries via your profile which are not obviously linked to us. Clients may also start following you on LinkedIn or Twitter after finding you here.