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ProCopywriters Survey 2023

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What's it like to be a copywriter?

Our seventh annual survey captures the experiences of 520 copywriters.

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Thanks to the 520 copywriters who gave up their time to complete our wide-ranging survey.

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Number of Respondents

Once again we’ve received positive support from the copywriting community, although we clearly need to reverse the gradual decline in respondent numbers. We will continue to look for ways to reach more people so we can get a broader profile of the copywriting profession.

Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is a measure of the difference in incomes between men and women. Do you think a copywriter’s gender affects how much they get paid?

Day Rates

This year sees a big leap in day rates – an increase of £46. This is the biggest single increase we’ve ever recorded. This increase may be partly accounted for by the fact that we did not run the survey in 2022, so this figure represents a 2-year change.

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