31 Oct 2016

Recommend your favourite books on copywriting

Which books should every copywriter read?

31 Oct 2016

Simon Beasor

“Life is too short and your job takes up too much of that time to be doing something that bores you.”

27 Oct 2016

One way or another, mentoring is for you

What’s the point of mentors? Ben Hampson has the answers…

26 Oct 2016

Freelance job sites for copywriters – the 2016 review

Read the results of our small survey of freelance copywriters who use job sites to find work.

24 Oct 2016

Graeme Piper

“Don’t undersell yourself. If you have the skills, you should be paid fairly for them.”

21 Oct 2016

Content design for – part 4

“Without the content team, GOV.UK would be a wonderfully designed, perfectly coded, empty shell.”

20 Oct 2016

Freelance job sites – do they work for you?

Help us write a balanced review of freelance job sites like Upwork and People Per Hour…

18 Oct 2016

Ettie Holland

“Writer’s block is an early symptom of burnout. Lack of creativity, lack of inspiration – they’re terminal for a writer.”

12 Oct 2016

5 reasons a copywriter is your website’s secret weapon

Krysten Swindells explores the benefits that copywriters bring to websites.

11 Oct 2016

The success of my peers makes me feel like a failure

An anonymous copywriter shares their torment over their peers’ successes.

11 Oct 2016

Content design and the GOV.UK beta – part 3

In the third of four posts, Sarah Richards, former Head of Content at GOV.UK, continues her story.

11 Oct 2016

Becky Matthews

“Throw yourself at it! Join meetup groups and talk to people. This was especially valuable advice when I was just starting out.”

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