Keeping your copywriting business profitable during the coronavirus outbreak

Thora Fitzpatrick

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I’ll never take the luxury of silence for granted again.

The tranquil tapping of my keyboard has been replaced by a sea of new distractions. From listless teenagers to a stay-home husband who seems to be constantly on conference calls.

This new working environment has become a reality for many of us. But of course, it’s the least of our worries.  Without the protection of long-term contracts, the present uncertain climate means that freelance copywriters are particularly vulnerable to a financial hit.

And that’s especially true for writers that specialise in certain niches. Travel and tourism are increasingly off-limits – as is writing about events and activities.

Nobody wants an article on ‘Where to take Dad on Father’s Day’ or ‘How to Find the Perfect Outfit for the end of Year Prom’ right now – as gatherings and conferences are cancelled right, left and centre.

If work has become a little sketchy or you’ve been finding clients hard to contact, you’re not alone. Some clients are pulling back on content – or even putting projects on hold. Plus, it’s difficult to predict which sectors will want to ramp up content- and which are too swamped to consider for work.

But don’t despair because, there are ways to ensure your copywriting business stays on track.

Try these simple measures – they could make the difference between boom or bust:

  • contact your current and past clients and inform them you’re open for business during the coronavirus situation – if they need emergency copy, you’re available
  • tell potential clients you can handle quick turnarounds. In the current environment, many firms are actively aiming to post extra content featuring practical tips around home working etc. so they could need urgent help
  • look to sectors you may not have considered before. Obvious trends to consider are health and lifestyle (with so many people at home and stuck for things to do). People are after serviceable content that they can use i.e. cooking, home projects, gardening, what to do with the kids etc
  • focus on helping clients with specific projects rather than sending across large scale pitches. If you’re messaging a bigger company, ask your contact if there are other departments or other product lines that might need help
  • if you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands use it to update your LinkedIn profile, and refresh your portfolio (both on Pro Copywriters and elsewhere). Beef up your blog – and post relevant content on social media. Make sure your content fits the current climate – less talk about eating out and socialising – more on cultivating a hobby or retraining
  • if work’s a little light use this time to keep your skills up to date by attending webinars (including those on ProCopywriters) and elsewhere. That way  when the market does pick up you’re perfectly primed to take advantage

Our industry, like so many others, is facing the toughest of times. So, think about other writers and reach out to other freelancers whenever you can. If you find yourself swamped with work refer some their way. By the laws of karma, this will repay you tenfold in the future.

With lots of perseverance and the ability to change track, this crisis could see you not only continuing successfully but winning better, higher-paying clients over the long run. Good luck!

I’m YourCreativeCopywriter, and I’m currently available for quick turnaround projects. If you need extra hands on deck reach out to me by clicking on my Pro Copywriter’s profile page, visiting my website at – or via LinkedIn.

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