Agency & in-house life
22 Jun 2016

How I got 600% ROI within weeks of joining PCN

How does PCN membership benefit copywriters? Anna Gunning shares her experiences of finding clients and getting support from PCN.

23 May 2016

What’s it like being a copywriter for an agency?

Rebecca Nicholl gives us a taste of life as a copywriter at an agency…

10 Dec 2015

The rising price of possibilities

Ash Billinghay on Mother London raffling off creative placements for charity.

26 Oct 2015

How to get the best from your freelance copywriter: lessons from my favourite clients

Kate Foster on what makes a great copywriter-client relationship.

14 Aug 2015

“Let’s do something new and different”

Vikki Ross tells the story of #thingsyouhearinagencies and how Twitter can enable collaboration.

22 Jun 2015

What’s so bloody wrong with in-house?

Honor Clement-Hayes on why a comfortable in-house copywriting life is for her.

27 Apr 2015

From one-man band to orchestra conductor

What changes when you go from a one-man band to running a team of copywriters? Sue Keogh explains how she builds and motivates her team.

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