Book reviews

Business writing tips for easy and effective results by Robert Bullard
06 Sep 2017

Book review – Business Writing Tips for Easy and Effective Results

Anna Gunning’s thoughts on Robert Bullard’s collection of “170 punchy tips” for effective business writing.

05 Apr 2017

Book review: The Quiet Copywriter by Katherine Tate

Dawn Kofie reviews The Quiet Copywriter: An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Business by Katherine Tate

20 Feb 2017

Book review – May I have your attention please? by Mish Slade

Short, snappy and upbeat, this book’s target audience is anyone suffering from Flat Copy Syndrome, and who wants to sound more human and engaging.

19 Aug 2016

Book review – Meaningful: The story of ideas that fly

Anna Gunning explores Meaningful, a book that offers a framework for getting to the bottom of what a customer wants.

06 Jul 2016

Book review: We, Me, Them and It

Jane Shepley reviews We, Me, Them & It, the first installment in John Simmons’ Dark Angels trilogy.

13 Jun 2016

Book review – The Invisible Grail: How brands can tell better stories

Helen Keevy reviews the second installment in John Simmon’s trilogy of business writing books.

Book cover - Dark Angels: How Writing Unleashes Creativity at Work
03 Jun 2016

Book review – Dark angels: How writing releases creativity at work

Anna Gunning reviews John Simmons’ book and discovers how copywriters can remove the shackles that limit our creativity.

05 Feb 2016

Review: The Human Freelancer by Chris Kenworthy

Dawn Kofie reviews The Human Freelancer, in which copywriter Chris Kenworthy dispenses wisdom like a sweary Yoda.

18 Jun 2015

Review: Andy Maslen’s Persuasive Copywriting

Andrew Nattan reviews Andy Maslen’s latest book, which explores the psychology of copywriting.

13 Aug 2013

Review: Predatory Thinking by Dave Trott

Book review of Predatory Thinking by Dave Trott.

21 Aug 2012

101 Top Copywriting Tips by Carole Seawert

Review of 101 Top Copywriting Tips, an ebook by PCN member Carole Seawert.

Copywriters' Compendium
14 Jul 2012

Writing Resource: Gabay’s Copywriters’ Compendium

“If you want to think creatively, polish up your writing and have fun while doing so, then this is the book to get,” says Tracey Dooley.

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