Book reviews

18 Jun 2015

Review: Andy Maslen’s Persuasive Copywriting

Andrew Nattan reviews Andy Maslen’s latest book, which explores the psychology of copywriting.

13 Aug 2013

Review: Predatory Thinking by Dave Trott

Book review of Predatory Thinking by Dave Trott.

21 Aug 2012

101 Top Copywriting Tips by Carole Seawert

Review of 101 Top Copywriting Tips, an ebook by PCN member Carole Seawert.

Copywriters' Compendium
14 Jul 2012

Writing Resource: Gabay’s Copywriters’ Compendium

“If you want to think creatively, polish up your writing and have fun while doing so, then this is the book to get,” says Tracey Dooley.

30 Jun 2012

Just My Type by Simon Garfield

Review of ‘Just My Type: A Book About Fonts’ by Simon Garfield.

Dry - Augusten Burroughs
16 Jun 2012

Dry by Augusten Burroughs

One copywriter’s memoir of alcohol, rehab, relapsing into drink and drugs, and coming out the other end.

27 Apr 2012

Can I Change Your Mind? by Lindsay Camp

Book review of ‘Can I Change Your Mind?’ by Lindsay Camp.

27 Apr 2012

The Complete Plain Words by Ernest Gowers

Book review of ‘The Complete Plain Words’ by Ernest Gowers.

27 Apr 2012

Sales Letters That Sell by Drayton Bird

Book review of ‘Sales Letters That Sell’ by Drayton Bird.

27 Apr 2012

Does Your Marketing Sell? by Ian Moore

Book review of ‘Does Your Marketing Sell?’ by Ian Moore.

27 Apr 2012

Creative B2B Branding by Scot McKee

Book review of ‘Creative B2B Branding’ by Scot McKee.

27 Apr 2012

Write Copy, Make Money by Andy Maslen

Review of ‘Write Copy, Make Money’ by Andy Maslen.

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