Member Spotlight

24 Sep 2015

Rochelle Bugg

“Copywriting is as much about people as it is punctuation.”

10 Sep 2015

James Morgan

“You can sound professional without being dull.”

27 Aug 2015

Chloe Marshall

“We all have things that wind us up: ‘solutions’, ‘leverage’ as a verb, meaningless fuzz passing for emotional advertising.”

13 Aug 2015

Paul Allen

“Do good work, and don’t be too precious.”

30 Jul 2015

Katherine Wildman

“If you hit a writer’s block you haven’t done enough research.”

15 Jul 2015

Julian Abel

“Make sure you have a thick skin.”

17 Jun 2015

Honor Clement-Hayes

“My mind is pretty much constantly set to edit mode: toothpaste tubes, ads in the street, overheard conversations…”

Andy Nattan
02 Jun 2015

Andy Nattan

“Every client deserves your best work.”

20 May 2015

Betti Moser

“I think jargon gets such a bad name because people use it to disguise the fact they have nothing to say.”

06 May 2015

Laura Silcock

“You never know what you’ll be writing about next…it’s worth being curious about whatever or whoever you come across.”

22 Apr 2015

Richard Owsley

“Deliver is for pizza, post and babies – for everything else there’s a better verb.”

10 Apr 2015

Rebecca Perl

“Trust your instincts with people and projects, and try to only take on work you feel positive about.”

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