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Brand voice and guidelines for the township of Kimba

A fascinating project for a little town, literally halfway across Australia, called Kimba. Less than 100 years old, the town had grown to a whopping population of 1,000. But they were shrinking. Now down to about 600 townsfolk, it was getting critical. They needed to entice new people in to live a real bit of Australian life.

This brand voice and guidelines project was for SGK’s Sydney office.

The brief, in a nutshell:

– Write the brand’s central manifesto
– Define the key voice principles
– Create samples of market-facing copy to illustrate the Tone of Voice
– Write a big bunch of key messages
– And re-write the full Brand Book.



It’s hard to define. And these days, even harder to find.

But we reckon we’ve got a ton of it:

Real people, bursting with big-hearted community spirit.

Real have-a-go, roll-your-sleeves-up grit and guts.

Real big dreamers and ‘let’s-make-it-happeners’.

Real big skies and endless, open spaces.

Real opportunity and adventure.

Real freedom to be you – whatever you want to be.

So, if you think ‘real’ doesn’t exist anymore,
you just haven’t been to Kimba yet.

Kimba – come feel what’s real

See case study here


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