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Brand voice and guidelines for Miro

Miro have their own in-house writing team (and a damn good one it is too), but you know what it’s like, sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees.

They had various documents, some out-of-date, some only half realised.

Their marketing people had no reliable resource to tap into for visual and verbal guidelines.

So, in partnership with Designer, Matt Molloy at For Sure Studio, I was given the task of developing and formalising Miro’s tone of voice, and writing their new brand guidelines.


Rules schmools. Yes, as a rule, rules are no fun, but they do make writing a whole lot easier by taking out the guesswork. And they make our copy more professional and consistent. So, ‘Yay rules’.

Want to know how our headlines, sublines, opening paragraphs, and CTA’s should be treated? You’ll find everything you need in our House Style Guide.


We could write about Miro all day long. In fact, some of us do. So, as you might imagine, we’ve built a library of really useful phrases and templates to jumpstart your writing.

Want ideas to help you write about Miro stats, brainstorming, UX, workflow management, and/or app design? You’ll find lots of pre-written copy that covers a range of Miro products, features, and use cases in our Frequently Used Copy database.

See case study here.


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