Portfolio project

Brand voice and web copy for UNL Studios

UNL is a brand new garden design studio based in Bristol. The owner had seen the copy on my website and felt that a bit of similar irreverence would be right for the vision he had.

I worked with his web designer to create a quirky, super-confident site brimming with personality.

There’s garden design, then there’s unl studios

Bristol. Home to that bridge, those docks and the top-nochiest garden design studio in the whole of the southwest.

unl studios isn’t just another Bristol garden design company.

Well, technically we are, but you’ll find us leaning on the more spectacular side of the garden fence. The place where fantasies take flight and dreams come true.

Everything starts and ends with you

Before we design anything, we find out how you want your garden to make you feel. Only then do we let our imaginations run wild.

But unlike some garden designers, we take you with us on the journey; bouncing ideas around until your heart goes ‘ping’.

It takes blood, sweat, tears and copious cups of tea, but this is your garden. Your special place. So we have to get it right.

If you don’t end up with a space that makes you tingle with delight, then we simply haven’t done our job properly.

See case study here.


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