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12 Jun 2017

“Simply by scattering the alphabet across the page, I have the ability to change people’s lives.”

08 May 2017

“I love researching and writing about topics that teach you something new.”

03 May 2017

“Probably the most important advice is not to under-charge.”

25 Apr 2017

“However much your client thinks they want to stand out, ultimately you need to speak in a language the reader will know, like and trust.”

24 Apr 2017

How much are copywriters charging for a day’s work? We dive into the results of our 2017 survey.

18 Apr 2017

“Don’t underestimate the amount of time you will have to spend hustling if you want to be a freelance copywriter.”

11 Apr 2017

“Keep refining your craft. I never stop learning – I’m constantly trying to improve my writing and my understanding of what makes people buy.”

05 Apr 2017

Dawn Kofie reviews The Quiet Copywriter: An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Business by Katherine Tate

03 Apr 2017

“Just be the thing you want to be – don’t wait, be it now.”

30 Mar 2017

Announcing CIPR’s sponsorship of the 2017 Copywriting Conference.

27 Feb 2017

Enter our Twitter competition to win a Copywriting Conference ticket – and 1 year of Pro membership.