Content strategy

Working in partnership with ChatGPT
13 Apr 2023

Which is better, ChatGPT or human content?

Claire Hewson put ChatGPT to the test. Here’s what happened

27 Sep 2022

Use pillar pages and topic clusters to optimise your content for SEO

Thora Fitzpatrick explains what pillar pages and topic clusters are, and why they matter

21 Jun 2022

What is a content audit, and do I need to do one?

Katrina Strathearn on the benefits of taking a long hard look at how your content’s performing

14 Dec 2021

How to write a content plan quickly

Bonnie Harrington’s guide to content planning when you’re pushed for time

22 Sep 2020

How to create a simple content calendar to help you blog consistently

Having trouble keeping your content marketing on track? Anna Lewin’s ideas will help you get out of a rut and into a routine.

09 Jan 2020

Should we expect our readers to pay for content?

Katie Thompson considers the positives of paywalls.

Pink post-it with 'why you can't just 'manage' content written on it in black ink.
11 Jul 2018

Why the job title “content manager” is a misnomer

How do you hire the content professional you actually need (instead of the one you think you need)? Irene Triendl has a few ideas.

06 Jun 2018

Personas: what are they and do they really matter?

Sanina Kaur demystifies personas.

02 May 2018

Five places to post your blogs

Sanina Kaur says don’t just limit yourself to sharing your blogs on social media, there are lots of other homes for them.

12 Feb 2018

What’s the big deal about podcasts?

Sanina Kaur explains why podcasting can be an effective marketing tool.

23 Nov 2016

Redefining recruitment in content marketing — an industry in infancy

Read highlights from the Bristol Content Group as they discuss recruiting copywriters and content marketers,

21 Oct 2016

Content design for – part 4

“Without the content team, GOV.UK would be a wonderfully designed, perfectly coded, empty shell.”

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