Language and grammar

19 Jun 2024

What’s the difference between ‘solutions’ and ‘requirements’?

Alice Hollis on why the word ‘solution’ means absolutely nothing because it can mean anything.

20 Jun 2023

Simple writing is better writing

Ettie Bailey-King explains how to write in a way that’s more inclusive and what the benefits of this are

08 Sep 2022

Why we need poets in business

Emily Penny wonders if the power of poetry be used for branding

09 Aug 2022

Is it OK to start a sentence with ‘and’?

Not everything you learned about writing when you were at school is right says Rob Davies

10 May 2022

Misheard lyrics and malapropisms

Hannah Rooke on the many ways we mix up words, and how to fix it when we do

13 Apr 2022

Tighten up – overused or misused words and phrases

Hannah Rooke’s tips for cutting out words that don’t add anything to your copy

16 Nov 2021

The surprising history of common words and phrases

Leigh James delves into the origins of everyday expressions

12 Oct 2021

How to steer clients away from hyperbole and boost their customer engagement

Catherine Jones spells out why exaggeration, puffery and empty business jargon make for truly terrible copy

29 Sep 2021

Why the word ‘stakeholder’ must die

Tessa Parry-Wingfield lets rip about the latest addition to her Dictionary of Banned Words

08 Jun 2021

First or third person what works best for business?

What’s the best point of view to write your copy from? Anna Metcalfe knows what she prefers

26 May 2021


Jo Watson reflects on how children who’ve lived through the pandemic will document it

12 Jan 2021

‘They’ is coming – putting gender on the writing agenda

Kirsten Irving takes a look at the issue of gendered pronouns

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