Advertising & branding

30 May 2019

How poetry and rhythm can help you write powerful copy

Richard Spencer from A Thousand Monkeys discusses how rhythm has a powerful effect on your copy.

28 May 2019

How to write an effective brand manifesto

Richard Spencer of writing agency A Thousand Monkeys shares his advice on crafting an effective brand manifesto.

A man and a woman doing a yoga pose.
03 Apr 2019

How words get people to trust you — and why it’s so darned important to be consistent

Katherine Wildman on why using the same specific and up-to-date messaging in your branding is a must.

21 May 2018

How to write a professional bio that makes you look awesome

Rob Bullen-Whatling shares his template for creating a personal bio that conveys who you are AND helps you stand out

30 Nov 2017

Why is branding important for freelance copywriters?

Leif Kendall suggests that branding can give you a head start when it comes to finding clients you love.

18 Apr 2016

When slogans do what they say on the tin

How many of the slogans we know and love can be taken seriously? Kady Potter picks some of the best-known brand straplines and puts them to the test.

15 Feb 2016

Wake up and smell the formaldehyde

Jackie Harris says marketers need to rethink the way they talk to the ‘over 50s’ market.

08 Feb 2016

Sixty-second slogans

One rule. One Minute. Create an ad. Have you given One Minute Briefs a go yet?

11 Nov 2015

Just what are the John Lewis Christmas ads?

Tom Albrighton on the 2015 John Lewis Christmas ad and the evolution of the strategy behind the ads.

10 Aug 2015

The power of food and drink advertising

Rebecca Magnus on the art of food and drink copywriting.

05 Aug 2015

Marmite’s Summer of Love

Will Aitkenhead on the new Marmite campaign, which encourages the ‘haters’ to give it one more go.

22 Jul 2015

The name game

James Morgan on the trials and tribulations of choosing a name for your copywriting business.

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