Advertising & branding

09 May 2023

How to build brand equity

Rebecca Smith on what makes a quality and desirable brand

22 Feb 2023

5 ways web design and branding choices can impact accessibility

Alice Rowan on how to make sure everyone can interact with, and access, your content

02 Feb 2023

Brand jargon: demystified

A selection of definitions of brand-related marketing speak courtesy of Felicity Wild

24 Jan 2023

Disability in advertising: the 6 most disruptive ads

Celestine Fraser takes a look at 6 adverts that bin the tired tropes and portray disabled people realistically.

01 Nov 2022

How to write a manifesto for your business, with examples

What the hell is a business manifesto and how do you create one? Ben McKinney explains

11 Oct 2022

8 creative branding elements that are as important as your logo

How do you create a comprehensive, and unified, brand identity that actually works? Hannah Cook explains

21 Sep 2022

Packaging design: 7 smart ways packaging can boost your brand

When it comes to branding, packaging has to do an awful lot of heavy lifting. Megan Douglas examines the impact that those boxes, bottles and labels can have

08 Sep 2022

Why we need poets in business

Emily Penny wonders if the power of poetry be used for branding

31 Aug 2022

How strong brand names tell stories

Emily Penny explains what makes a great brand name and shares tips on how to choose one

17 May 2022

When is the right time to build your next website?

Start afresh or upgrade what you’ve got? Lee Townsend’s thoughts about updating your website.

08 Feb 2022

Bland awareness

Jo Watson explains why marketing your business shouldn’t be an identikit, me me me or focus-free affair

19 Jan 2021

How to build a brand that means something to someone

Alice Hollis explains what branding is, and why it’s worth the effort

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