Copywriting technique

12 Oct 2021

How to steer clients away from hyperbole and boost their customer engagement

Catherine Jones spells out why exaggeration, puffery and empty business jargon make for truly terrible copy

21 Sep 2021

How to write a homepage that captures your customer’s attention

Ben McKinney’s guide to writing a stunning homepage

08 Sep 2021

3 things you should know before writing for digital

The Marketing Pod shares its rules for creating brilliant digital content

01 Sep 2021

How to overcome write-o-phobia

Lucas North’s simple writing process for when fear of the blank page strikes

25 Aug 2021

AMENDageddon: are you sabotaging your own content?

Tessa Parry-Wingfield’s guide to stopping endless rounds of amends from squeezing the magic out of your copy

17 Aug 2021

How writing less could make you happier

Lucas North on why less is often more when it comes to writing copy

05 Aug 2021

That feeling when…

Matthew James’ suggestion for talking about the benefits of what you’re selling in a way that means something to your clients

28 Jul 2021

What your tone of voice can’t do for you

Laura Kennedy explains why your tone of voice isn’t a cure for all your content ills

10 Jul 2021

Better email marketing tips from someone who hates emails

Anthony Kingsley’s guide to writing the kind of emails that get positive responses

08 Jun 2021

First or third person what works best for business?

What’s the best point of view to write your copy from? Anna Metcalfe knows what she prefers

01 Jun 2021

Ask the obvious

Leigh James’ explains why, when it comes to copywriting, you can never ask too many questions

11 May 2021

Tone of voice: how to become one of the faces

Tom Davies draws on 60s mod scene movie, Quadrophenia, for pointers about tone of voice

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