Copywriting technique

11 May 2022

5 email sequences your business needs

New to email marketing, and not sure which emails to send and when? Lily Karenza’s guide will keep you right

12 Apr 2022

“I’m on annual leave”

Out of office messages don’t have to be dull! There’s room to add some personality says Leigh James

22 Mar 2022

5 effective ways to write engaging headlines for your audience

Ruth Taylor’s guide to writing headlines that work

15 Feb 2022

What comes first – the website copy or the website design?

The words or the look and feel? Pip Christie considers what should be at the top of your list when you’re creating a new website.

02 Feb 2022

Why writing for print is still as exciting as ever

Diane Vanstone thinks creating copy for print marketing remains an alluring prospect. Here’s why.

26 Jan 2022

3 great non-fiction writers every copywriter should read

Here’s a trio of well-known writers that, in Dan Lever’s opinion, copywriters can learn from

19 Jan 2022

Swipe right: 4 copywriting lessons we can learn from Tinder

James Cullen shares some copywritng wisdom from an unusual source

11 Jan 2022

How to write an extremely compelling product description without tearing your hair out

Martha Moger advice on writing product descriptions that sell

14 Dec 2021

How to write a content plan quickly

Bonnie Harrington’s guide to content planning when you’re pushed for time

08 Dec 2021

7 tips for writing a killer lead magnet

Karen Bright on how to create lead magnets that your customers can’t wait to download

24 Nov 2021

Good grammer

Sam Horsey explores language and grammar’s long and winding evolution

23 Nov 2021

How to write an ebook

Want to write an ebook, but not sure how? Alex Wright breaks it down into 5 simple steps

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