Copywriting technique

08 Jan 2024

What can AI teach us about copywriting?

Matthew Kenney reflects on the rise of AI and how copywriters can distinguish themselves from their digital competitors.

18 Sep 2023

Better blogs for lawyers: 12 tips

Claire Hewson on the secret to solid legal content.

11 Sep 2023

Five headline writing hacks

Hayley Maguire helps you sharpen your headlines.

21 Aug 2023

7 disastrous (and avoidable) product description mistakes

Helen Beckingham highlights the clangers you’ll want to steer clear of if you want to write product descriptions that sell

31 Jul 2023

Copywriting checklist: check your copy before you publish

Use Sally Fox’s checklist to make sure your copy is ready to send

17 Jul 2023

How micro-copy can remove friction for web users

Four methods for improving your micro copy – from Tiffany Markman

13 Jun 2023

How to write a white paper that won’t send your readers to sleep

Laura Johnson’s step-by-step guide to writing white papers worth reading

31 May 2023

5 writing lessons from Dolly Parton’s chart-toppers: insights on language, messaging and conveying emotion

Rhythm, ‘show don’t tell’ and extended metaphors – learn how to apply the core creative writing techniques that Dolly Parton has used in her iconic songwriting

24 May 2023

How to create anti-oppressive content

Ettie Bailey-King’s guide to producing content that helps make everyone feel seen, heard and valued

23 May 2023

Want to be more inclusive? You need anti-oppressive content

What has more impact than inclusive content? Anti-oppressive content. Ettie Bailey-King explains why

17 May 2023

Can swearing be a legitimate part of a brand’s tone of voice?

Laura Johnson debates the pros and cons of using spicy language when you’re communicating with your audience

16 May 2023

The best examples of sustainability copy to inspire your own purpose paragraphs

Sally Fox on how to talk about your business’ approach to sustainability without lecturing or being trite

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