Copywriting technique

29 Jun 2020

4 lessons from behavioural economics that you can use in your copy

Alice Hollis’ main copywriting takeaways from Rory Sutherland’s book Behavioural Economics.

Case studies | Customer stories
25 Jun 2020

Why a good story (or two) can grow your business

Anna Metcalfe on the benefits of a good business yarn.

24 Jun 2020

More than words can say

Collective Content describes how it can make sure your content looks its best, whether it’s online or in print.

16 Jun 2020

The stories we should be telling just now

Louise Shanahan on why it’s important to make your content inclusive, and practical ways to do it.

15 Jun 2020

Lockdown learning: where to find free online content training

Sanina Kaur’s list of online content learning opportunities that won’t cost you anything.

26 May 2020

Copy-wise: beware of too many, too few or misplaced commas

Collective Content’s quick guide to how to use commas properly

21 May 2020

Why good copywriters ask ‘why?’ a lot

Anna Metcalfe sheds some light on the thinking behind a question that’s dear to copywriters’ hearts

07 May 2020

Getting clear: rewriting v. editing v. proofreading

Rewriting, editing and proofreading. What’s the difference? Patricia Lane explains.

16 Apr 2020

Book review — Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath

Find out exactly what it is that makes an idea memorable or interesting in Alice Hollis’ review of Made to Stick.

25 Mar 2020

How to write a case study

Why are case studies important and how do you put them together? Anna Metcalfe’s step-by-step guide reveals all.

26 Feb 2020

How to write engaging content

Anna Metcalfe’s ideas for creating content that draws people in and keeps them reading.

05 Feb 2020

Do you know what your customers want and need? Murakami does

Katherine Wildman explains how using your imagination could help you improve your copywriting business.

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