Blog 13 Jun 2017

Share your copywriting case studies with the PCN audience.

12 Jun 2017

“Simply by scattering the alphabet across the page, I have the ability to change people’s lives.”

09 Jun 2017

Claudia Benetello shares her experiences of transcreating copy from one language into another.

16 May 2017

Want to earn more and work less? Andy Maslen has a few suggestions for you.

11 May 2017

Elma Glasgow shares the genesis of her decision to return to freelance copywriting after a few years away.

08 May 2017

“I love researching and writing about topics that teach you something new.”

08 May 2017

Rick Siderfin suggests a few techniques for keeping anger out of your emails. Even when you’re fuming.

03 May 2017

“Probably the most important advice is not to under-charge.”

28 Apr 2017

Is the Oxford comma an essential part of clear communication – or an unnecessary appendage cluttering your sentences?

26 Apr 2017

With male copywriters earning, on average, 29% more than women, we ask what can be done to shrink the gender pay gap.

25 Apr 2017

“However much your client thinks they want to stand out, ultimately you need to speak in a language the reader will know, like and trust.”