great_content_skills-debate_credit_ben-laine-toner_www-realadventure-co-uk 23 Nov 2016

Read highlights from the Bristol Content Group as they discuss recruiting copywriters and content marketers,

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What’s the secret to getting hired by agencies?

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What’s the difference between copy and content?

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What is microcopy? And how do you write it well?

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Timothy Woods shares his experience of becoming a freelance copywriter.

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Research suggests that self-employed people are earning less than in 1995. Is this true for you? 31 Oct 2016

Which books should every copywriter read?

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What’s the point of mentors? Ben Hampson has the answers…

job-ad 26 Oct 2016

Read the results of our small survey of freelance copywriters who use job sites to find work.

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“Without the content team, GOV.UK would be a wonderfully designed, perfectly coded, empty shell.”

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Help us write a balanced review of freelance job sites like Upwork and People Per Hour…