Aerial shot of a road snaking across a winter landscape. 16 Aug 2017

Birgit Diggins shares some of the ways that ProCopywriters has helped her build her copywriting business.

Gillian Jones, copywriter 14 Aug 2017

“Make sure you’re paid what you’re worth. Place a value on what you do, or no one else will.”

An aerial shot of a sea shore. 09 Aug 2017

Sarah Russell explains why gender inequality in copywriting isn’t just about women not being confident or speaking up.

Copywriter Sue Kelso Ryan 07 Aug 2017

“Don’t see other copywriters as the competition; they’re your best source of
information and advice.”

A person standing in the sea looking at the horizon. 02 Aug 2017

Gillian Jones explains why she thinks using content mills isn’t the best way to build your copywriting business.

Copywriter Lisa Derrick, and her daschund, standing in front of a blue door. 31 Jul 2017

“Take breaks and don’t neglect the things that keep you feeling creative and inspired.”

26 Jul 2017

Freelancers can work from wherever they want, right? Given her experiences, Julia Cameron’s not so sure.

Copywriter Danielle Auld 24 Jul 2017

“Value every contact you make as you never know when they’ll need your skills.”

A display of bottles and cans of craft beer produced by Craft Metropolis 19 Jul 2017

Chris Bilko explains how he helped a craft beer club boost its number of subscribers.

Headshot of copywriter Karen Marston 17 Jul 2017

“I don’t get it when people say they love having written, but hate doing the writing. I’m like, no my dudes, the process is the fun part.”

White neon words on a wall 12 Jul 2017

Sophie Deal shares 10 words she’d love to have at her disposal.