Woman in a black top with a white mug that says "choose happy" on it.
21 Nov 2018

My big fat freelancing life

Helen Say shares 16 surprising lessons she’s learnt in the 18 months since she started out as a freelance SEO copywriter.

Someone just about to step on a banana skin.
14 Nov 2018

About to publish that copy? Read this first

Ever had that sinking, ‘but-I-thought-it-was-good-to-go!’ feeling right after you’ve published a blog post? Fi Shailes shows you how to avoid it.

08 Nov 2018

D&AD partners with ProCopywriters

D&AD has formally joined forces with ProCopywriters. Win a copy of their Copy Book – read on for details.

Group of people sitting in a meeting room.
08 Nov 2018

Business events: worth attending or a waste of work time?

Do business events just hoover up time you could be using to do something more productive? Or are they actually worth going to? Claire Jennison gives us her view.

Person typing on a laptop with the word 'blog' on the screen.
07 Nov 2018

Why content marketing is good for your small business

Ben Hardman explains why content marketing’s a must for small businesses. (And how to do it effectively.)

Fireworks display at night.
31 Oct 2018

ProCopywriters has published its 500th post!

What are we doing to celebrate publishing our 500th post? Dawn Kofie explains.

A helicopter landing pad.
31 Oct 2018

Tips for writing landing pages that people actually want to land on

Sanina Kaur’s dos and don’ts of effective landing pages.

Woman carrying four novels on her head.
29 Oct 2018

5 ways fiction writing can help you produce more effective copy

James Cullen on fiction writing tips that can help improve your copy.

What do you mean? Written on a pavement in chalk.
25 Oct 2018

What to say when people ask “what’s a copywriter?”

How do you describe what you do? Emily Rodgers shares the different ways she explains what copywriting is.

A stethoscope on a table next to a laptop
24 Oct 2018

Nurse to copywriter — a natural progression?

Helen Barnes’ thoughts on what nursing and copywriting have in common.

17 Oct 2018

Here’s what I learned as a first-timer, at the Copywriting Conference 2018

Bisma Hashmi shares her experience of this year’s Copywriting Conference.

A man's hand on a computer mouse.
17 Oct 2018

How you can retire on £200 a month (or how and why clickbait works)

Fi Shailes shines a light on the inner workings of clickbait.

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