02 May 2024

4 ways to find more success as a freelance copywriter

Tom Davies shares four of his strategies for finding opportunities as a freelance copywriter.

29 Apr 2024

NEW: Chat with your ProCopywriters community on Discord

ProCopywriters members can now chat with each other on Discord

26 Apr 2024

7 types of proof that build impenetrable trust on any landing page

Lewis Folkard on how to build trust and overcome resistance

19 Apr 2024

Do copywriters need a code of conduct?

Would a code of conduct be beneficial for our profession? Tell us what you think…

11 Mar 2024

5 B2B copywriting tips: getting to the point and being human

Richard King on how to create B2B copy that converts

08 Mar 2024

Corporate speak: why it’s so damaging for your clients

Kath Hooper on the perils of pomposity in copy

05 Mar 2024

Property copywriting – from telling the nightmare to selling the dream

Peter Wise on how to construct the perfect property ad

22 Feb 2024

SEO Content– why keyPHRASES are more important than keyWORDS

Make your content more effective by focusing on keyphrases – and use AI to help you.

21 Feb 2024

How to write a high-converting long-form sales page

Lewis Folkard presents a concise masterclass on long-form sales pages

20 Feb 2024

Transitioning from Web Designer to UX Writer

Andrew Backhouse shares his experience of transitioning from web designer to UX writer.

01 Feb 2024

Survey now live: please lend your voice

Survey time! Please complete our biggest-ever survey of copywriters. You have until 28th February 2024 to have your say.

28 Jan 2024

3 things I learned about ChatGPT

Sean Coyte from Sticky experiments with ChatGPT as a copywriter’s companion.

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