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  1. Review: Andy Maslen’s Persuasive Copywriting

    18 June 2015 by Andrew

    Andrew Nattan reviews Andy Maslen’s latest book, which explores the psychology of copywriting.

  2. PCN Copywriting Conference 2014 review

    16 October 2014 by Tom Albrighton

    Read PCN co-founder Tom Albrighton’s review of the 2014 Copywriting Conference.

  3. Come to the 2014 Professional Copywriters’ Network Conference

    10 April 2014 by Tom Albrighton

    An overview of the keynotes and breakouts for our 2014 Conference, on 26 September at Haberdashers’ Hall in London.

  4. PCN Conference 2013: Andy Maslen

    20 January 2014 by Admin

    Andy Maslen’s provocative, informative and entertaining talk on the timeless secrets of direct marketing.

  5. PCN Conference 2013: Review

    15 October 2013 by Tom Albrighton

    A look back at the first PCN Conference, 11 October 2013.

  6. Write Copy, Make Money by Andy Maslen

    27 April 2012 by Tom Albrighton

    Review of ‘Write Copy, Make Money’ by Andy Maslen.

  7. Write to Sell by Andy Maslen

    by Tom Albrighton

    Review of Write to Sell by Andy Maslen.