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  1. Transcreation — (re)creating copy for international advertising

    5 September 2019 by Claudia Benetello

    Don’t know what transcreation is? Don’t worry, Claudia Benetello’s here to help.

  2. Why writing clear content sometimes means embracing your inner Anglo-Saxon

    23 August 2019 by Tom Cross

    What’s the Battle of Hastings got to do with effective copywriting? Tom Cross explains.

  3. 40 freelance copywriting survival tips

    14 August 2019 by Jonathan Wilcock

    14 years of freelance copywriting means Jonathan Wilcock’s got more than a few hints to share.

  4. I’m in a different world: adjusting to the freelance mindsetSilhouette of a person standing on a hill at sunset.

    19 July 2019 by Shaun Patrick Hand

    Sean Patrick Hand on the change in perspective that happens when you start working for yourself.

  5. My first twelve months as a freelancer

    27 June 2019 by Matthew Drzymala

    Matthew Dryzmala looks back on his first year as a self-employed copywriter.

  6. Creative North review: the future of content

    13 June 2019 by Anna Gunning

    Anna Gunning gives us her take on the Creative North conference.

  7. A 12 step programme for email newsletters

    29 May 2019 by Deborah Wroe

    Deborah Wroe shares some email newsletter basics.

  8. Make your copywriting memorable with the number three

    28 May 2019 by Lauren MacNeish

    Lauren MacNeish explores the power of three – and how it can make your copy more effective.

  9. 14 tips for working with a copywriterHot air ballooms

    9 May 2019 by Matthew Drzymala

    Matthew Dryzmala’s guide to what to expect when you work with a copywriter, and how to get the best out of them.

  10. Facing a personal crisis when you’re self-employedA woman resting her head on a man's shoulder.

    8 May 2019 by Karen Bright

    Karen Bright explains how she coped when devastating major life events made it difficult for her to stay on top of her workload.

  11. How to cheat your way to error-free content

    22 April 2019 by Sanina Kaur

    Sanina Kaur’s guide to tools to help make sure that there aren’t any embarrassing mistakes in your writing.

  12. We need to talk about copywriting

    18 April 2019 by Juliette Mitchell

    Juliette Mitchell explains why she’s not sure that ‘copywriter’s’ the best term to describe what she does.