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  1. Information gain: how original research gets you zooming up the search rankings

    27 July 2021 by Michael Metcalf

    Want to improve your SEO? Michael Metcalf says stop using your competitors’ content as sources and get researching instead

  2. Why you shouldn’t write (just) for SEO

    10 March 2021 by Francesca Baker

    Francesca Baker on why you should write for humans AND search engines.

  3. Is there really a magic word count for SEO?

    10 December 2020 by Rachel Baker

    Does the number of words in your content affect how Google ranks it? Rachel Baker explains.

  4. Voice search: a quick guide

    5 March 2020 by Sanina Kaur

    Sanina Kaur on making sure that what you write is voice search ready.

  5. Why you’re struggling to rank on page one of Google

    18 February 2020 by David Pawsey

    David Pawsley’s quick guide on how to reach one of SEO’s holy grails