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  1. How to find copywriting clients who share your values

    18 November 2019 by Kathy Sharpe

    Kathy Sharpe’s ideas for identifying copywriting clients you’ll feel good about working with.

  2. I’m in a different world: adjusting to the freelance mindsetSilhouette of a person standing on a hill at sunset.

    19 July 2019 by Ben Locker

    Sean Patrick Hand on the change in perspective that happens when you start working for yourself.

  3. Facing a personal crisis when you’re self-employedA woman resting her head on a man's shoulder.

    8 May 2019 by Karen Bright

    Karen Bright explains how she coped when devastating major life events made it difficult for her to stay on top of her workload.

  4. 5 lessons in year one as a freelance copywriter

    3 February 2017 by Krysten Swindells

    Krysten Swindells shares her experience of starting her freelance copywriting career after maternity leave.

  5. Why running a business can feel like dating

    11 August 2016 by Krysten Swindells

    Krysten Swindells of Oh So Coco talks about self-employment and how it can, at times, feel like dating.