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  1. How I survived 2019 as a freelance copywriter

    10 January 2020 by Matthew Drzymala

    Matthew Drzymala lists all the things he did differently, freelance copywriting-wise, in 2019

  2. My first twelve months as a freelancer

    27 June 2019 by Matthew Drzymala

    Matthew Dryzmala looks back on his first year as a self-employed copywriter.

  3. 14 tips for working with a copywriterHot air ballooms

    9 May 2019 by Matthew Drzymala

    Matthew Dryzmala’s guide to what to expect when you work with a copywriter, and how to get the best out of them.

  4. Facing a personal crisis when you’re self-employedA woman resting her head on a man's shoulder.

    8 May 2019 by Karen Bright

    Karen Bright explains how she coped when devastating major life events made it difficult for her to stay on top of her workload.

  5. Madeleine Bailey – ProCopywriters Member SpotlightMadeleine Bailey, copywriter

    8 April 2019 by Editor

    “I take pride in everything I write, whether it’s a tiny product description or a heavy-duty piece that requires trawling through clinical papers.”

  6. My first six months as a freelancer

    19 December 2018 by Matthew Drzymala

    Matthew Dryzmala’s account of the start of his foray into the world of freelancing.

  7. Dan Street — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

    17 September 2018 by Editor

    “That’s what I enjoy the most about copywriting still – the combination of commercial and creative nous it demands.” 

  8. Oliver Luft — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

    10 September 2018 by Editor

    “Experience has taught me that getting something down – and not worrying about quality at that stage – can be a great way to get beyond a barrier.”

  9. Sue Keogh — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight Revisited

    1 August 2018 by Editor

    “As copywriters, we bring all our experiences to the page, and I think it’s important to encourage people from all walks of life to get into the industry.”

  10. Laura Glover — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

    23 July 2018 by Laura Glover

    “Write for every brand you can lay your hands on. Variety is vital, even if you eventually become a specialised copywriter in one field.”

  11. Sarah Turner — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight RevisitedHead and shoulders shot of Sarah Turner, Copywriter

    18 July 2018 by Editor

    “If you’re really good at what you do, you should get paid a shed load. It doesn’t matter if you’re 22 or 62.”

  12. Richard Steele — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightRichard Steele, copywriter

    14 May 2018 by Richard Steele

    “Write a blog if you want to express yourself. Copywriting is about communicating your client’s messaging in their audience’s language. You should be invisible.”