TAGcopywriter | ProCopywriters | the Alliance of Commercial Writers - Part 2

  1. Richard Steele — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightRichard Steele, copywriter

    14 May 2018 by Richard Steele

    “Write a blog if you want to express yourself. Copywriting is about communicating your client’s messaging in their audience’s language. You should be invisible.”

  2. André Spiteri — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

    7 May 2018 by André Spiteri

    “Don’t let impostor syndrome bring you down. I’ve seen incredibly talented copywriters not reach their potential because of it, and it sucks.”

  3. The Accidental CopywriterA twisting mountain path that's divided into two.

    25 April 2018 by David Elliott

    David Elliott describes his twisty turny route into copywriting.

  4. Len Williams — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightLen Williams, Copywriter

    26 March 2018 by Len Williams

    “I love digging into a new topic and learning everything I can about it.”

  5. Felicity Wild — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

    21 February 2018 by Felicity Wild

    “I’m most proud of the work I put in behind the scenes every day to keep the wheels of my business turning.”

  6. Mike Clarke — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightMike Clark, copywriter

    4 December 2017 by Mike Clarke

    “Always focus on solving problems for your clients – keep it all about them, not you.”

  7. Rowan Gavin — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightRowan Gavin

    20 November 2017 by Ben Locker

    “I love the challenge and the thrill of finding that punny or poetic twist that gives a piece of copy the kick it needs.”

  8. Ed Prichard — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightEd Prichard, Copywriter

    6 November 2017 by ed prichard

    “You must reward people for taking the time to read what you’ve written.”

  9. Cat Roberts-Young — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightCat Roberts-Young, copywriter, in a black and white stripy top.

    9 October 2017 by Cat Roberts-Young

    “Talk to other copywriters, we’re a friendly bunch, and rather than being your competition we’re your greatest allies.”

  10. Sanina Kaur — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightSanina Kaur, copywriter

    28 August 2017 by Sanina Kaur

    “Develop a thick skin and don’t take things too personally if your copy gets
    changed, it’s all part of the process.”

  11. Gillian Jones — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightGillian Jones, copywriter

    14 August 2017 by Gillian Jones

    “Make sure you’re paid what you’re worth. Place a value on what you do, or no one else will.”

  12. Lisa Derrick — ProCopywriters Member SpotlightCopywriter Lisa Derrick, and her daschund, standing in front of a blue door.

    31 July 2017 by Ben Locker

    “Take breaks and don’t neglect the things that keep you feeling creative and inspired.”