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  1. Freelance websites: trends, issues and ideas to try

    31 March 2021 by Corinna Keefe

    Corrina Keefe cast her eye over a selection of copywriters’ websites. Here’s what she found.

  2. If you really must hire a freelancer

    24 March 2020 by Jo Watson

    Want to get the best out of your copywriter but not sure how? Jo Watson explains.

  3. What I learnt in my first 6 months of freelancing

    25 February 2020 by Pip Christie

    Pip Christie shares the lessons she’s learned about freelance copywriting so far.

  4. No, I don’t want to meet for coffee

    12 February 2020 by Jo Watson

    Jo Watson on why she’ll politely refuse your invitation to meet for a (caffeinated) drink.

  5. Should freelancers be nervous about IR35?

    by Danielle Auld

    Danielle Auld summarises the changes to the laws around contractors and the organisations that hire them.

  6. The honest truth about freelancing

    24 October 2019 by Helen Jackson

    Thinking about working for yourself? Helen Jackson has some useful advice for before you get started,

  7. 40 freelance copywriting survival tips

    14 August 2019 by Jonathan Wilcock

    14 years of freelance copywriting means Jonathan Wilcock’s got more than a few hints to share.

  8. How to find freelance copywriting workSilhouette of a mountain at sunset

    15 May 2019 by Alice Hollis

    Alice Hollis’ practical advice on finding copywriting clients.

  9. The murky world of content millsSilhouette of a man standing in thick fog.

    27 March 2019 by rowan martin

    Rowan Martin reflects on her experiences of getting copywriting work through content mills.

  10. My big fat freelancing life

    21 November 2018 by Helen Say

    Helen Say shares 16 surprising lessons she’s learnt in the 18 months since she started out as a freelance SEO copywriter.

  11. How to get a mortgage when you’re self-employedThe words "until debt tear us apart" stencilled on a brick wall in black capital letters.

    10 October 2018 by André Spiteri

    Andre Spiteri’s helpful summary of the dos and don’ts of applying for a mortgage when you work for yourself.

  12. Rebecca Perl — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight RevisitedHead and shoulders shot of Rebecca Perl, founder of Messagelab Communications.

    3 September 2018 by Rebecca Perl

    “I love the fact that one day I can be writing a blog post about online mapping software, and the next day a video script for a charity app.”