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  1. 9 reasons why I caved and got a mailing list

    21 September 2020 by Jo Watson

    Jo Watson spells out her reasons for finally building an email list.

  2. Bollocks to showing up

    28 April 2020 by Jo Watson

    Posting for the sake of posting? ‘I’ll pass, thanks’ says Jo Watson.

  3. Jo Watson – ProCopywriters Member Spotlight Revisited

    27 April 2020 by Jo Watson

    “I don’t buy into the whole ‘show up at all costs’ thing. If you don’t feel like it, or you’re busy, or you haven’t got anything of value to share, why do it?”

  4. If you really must hire a freelancer

    24 March 2020 by Jo Watson

    Want to get the best out of your copywriter but not sure how? Jo Watson explains.