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  1. The value of investing in yourself and your business

    7 June 2023 by Rebecca Harrison

    Rebecca Harrison on the benefits of looking after yourself and investing money back into your business.

  2. How to set targets for your business

    21 February 2023 by Bonnie Harrington

    Bonnie Harrington’s process for creating targets that will help you meet your business goals

  3. Find your why (not)

    28 July 2021 by Jo Watson

    Jo Watson’s a vote for less ‘find your why’ and more ‘you do you’.

  4. Avoiding feast or famine when you’re self-employed

    8 January 2020 by Anna Metcalfe

    How do you make sure you’ve got a steady stream of work coming in? Anna Metcalfe shares her ideas.

  5. Behind the scenes of a copywriting business

    15 August 2019 by Catherine Every

    Catherine Every on the tools that help make sure everything in her freelance copywriting business runs smoothly.

  6. 10 business lessons I learned in a 9-line email from my child’s nurseryA toddler colouring in a picture of an angel.

    9 January 2019 by Jo Watson

    Jo Watson shares the marketing tips she got from an unlikely source.

  7. My big fat freelancing life

    21 November 2018 by Editor

    Helen Say shares 16 surprising lessons she’s learnt in the 18 months since she started out as a freelance SEO copywriter.

  8. 15 tried and tested free (or dirt cheap) tools for copywriters

    22 August 2018 by André Spiteri

    Andre Spiteri recommends a heap of apps that can save you time, energy and money.

  9. Stephen Marsh — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight RevistedPortrait of Stephen Marsh, copywriter.

    15 August 2018 by Stephen Marsh

    “I think success comes in all shapes and sizes, and you sometimes have to stop and recognize the smaller achievements.”

  10. Sue Keogh — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight Revisited

    1 August 2018 by Editor

    “As copywriters, we bring all our experiences to the page, and I think it’s important to encourage people from all walks of life to get into the industry.”

  11. Sarah Turner — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight RevisitedHead and shoulders shot of Sarah Turner, Copywriter

    18 July 2018 by Editor

    “If you’re really good at what you do, you should get paid a shed load. It doesn’t matter if you’re 22 or 62.”

  12. Going it alone: ten top tips for starting out as a freelancerWoman holding a cream-coloured mug that says 'The Adventure Begins' in front of her chest.

    29 January 2018 by Mary Whitehouse

    Mary Whitehouse’s guide to kick-starting your freelance copywriting career.