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  1. The murky world of content millsSilhouette of a man standing in thick fog.

    27 March 2019 by rowan martin

    Rowan Martin reflects on her experiences of getting copywriting work through content mills.

  2. Rebecca Perl — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight RevisitedHead and shoulders shot of Rebecca Perl, founder of Messagelab Communications.

    3 September 2018 by Rebecca Perl

    “I love the fact that one day I can be writing a blog post about online mapping software, and the next day a video script for a charity app.”

  3. Stephen Marsh — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight RevistedPortrait of Stephen Marsh, copywriter.

    15 August 2018 by Stephen Marsh

    “I think success comes in all shapes and sizes, and you sometimes have to stop and recognize the smaller achievements.”

  4. Don’t be a starving writer. Steer clear of the millsPiles of gold coins next to a white piggy bank

    27 September 2017 by Andrew

    Ever wondered how much you’d have to work to make ends meet writing for content mills? Andrew Nattan’s worked it out.

  5. Why you should write a business plan for 2016

    21 December 2015 by Ben Locker

    Freelance copywriter Alison Bowyer on the value of setting business and career goals for the year ahead.

  6. Never knowingly undersold

    15 April 2015 by Cheryl Barry

    Why knowing your value and sticking to it is essential for a successful freelance copywriting career.