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  1. The false economy of cheap copy (updated for 2021)

    4 August 2021 by Felicity Wild

    When it comes to copy, you get what you pay for says Felicity Wild

  2. The murky world of content millsSilhouette of a man standing in thick fog.

    27 March 2019 by rowan martin

    Rowan Martin reflects on her experiences of getting copywriting work through content mills.

  3. Don’t be a starving writer. Steer clear of the millsPiles of gold coins next to a white piggy bank

    27 September 2017 by Andrew

    Ever wondered how much you’d have to work to make ends meet writing for content mills? Andrew Nattan’s worked it out.

  4. Why you shouldn’t rely on content mills for long-term workA person standing in the sea looking at the horizon.

    2 August 2017 by Gillian Jones

    Gillian Jones explains why she thinks using content mills isn’t the best way to build your copywriting business.

  5. Content mill Q&A

    26 February 2013 by Alexander Velky

    Q&A with our co-founder Tom Albrighton on the subject of content mills.

  6. Are content mills immoral?Content mills - immoral and exploitative?

    24 July 2012 by Ben Locker

    Content mills are like supermarkets in which only the manager can make a living wage, but they have the power to be useful social and commercial enterprises “” if they dare to change.