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  1. Laura Glover — ProCopywriters Member Spotlight

    23 July 2018 by Laura Glover

    “Write for every brand you can lay your hands on. Variety is vital, even if you eventually become a specialised copywriter in one field.”

  2. Is One Minute Briefs better than a CV?The number one in white, with a thin, white circle around it, on a bright red background.

    16 July 2018 by Editor

    Clare Jennings on how to show off your skills without the aid of a portfolio.

  3. Perfectionism: how do I survive it as a copywriter?Fluffy clouds hovering above the sea.

    5 February 2018 by Susan Hammond

    Susan Hammond shares her ideas about how to make your perfectionism work for you.

  4. 10 tips to help you write brilliant copy that sellsA hand writing on a blank piece of paper with a green pencil

    23 August 2017 by

    Tips from Timothy Woods to help you make sure your copy does what it’s supposed to.

  5. Why you shouldn’t rely on content mills for long-term workA person standing in the sea looking at the horizon.

    2 August 2017 by Gillian Jones

    Gillian Jones explains why she thinks using content mills isn’t the best way to build your copywriting business.

  6. 6 email lists I actually read (and recommend to you)

    8 December 2016 by Anna Gunning

    Anna Gunning shares her favourite email newsletters for copywriters.

  7. The midweight’s mid-life crisis: on giving advice

    27 January 2016 by Kady Potter

    Once you’ve spent a few years working as a copywriter, newer writers will probably start coming to you for advice. What’s the best way to respond?