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  1. People are still asking what content design is

    14 September 2021 by Lauren MacNeish

    Ever wondered what content designers actually do? Lauren MacNeish explains

  2. How to give your inner writer getting the self-care it deserves

    21 April 2020 by Danielle Auld

    Writing’s hard. So you need to nurture yourself, vent and cut yourself some slack. Not sure how? Danielle Auld has a few ideas.

  3. Why procrastination isn’t (always) bad

    2 July 2018 by Editor

    Is Andrews explains why using delaying tactics (instead of plonking your backside in your chair and getting on with writing), can sometimes be a positive thing.

  4. Are you getting these 19 common expressions wrong?

    20 June 2018 by Editor

    Sarah Townsend’s rundown of frequently made word blunders and mix-ups.

  5. Want to be a better copywriter? Stop being precious about your workclear water

    26 February 2018 by Editor

    Felicity Wild on how to stop yourself from sliding into copywriting lingo.

  6. 10 tips to help you write brilliant copy that sellsA hand writing on a blank piece of paper with a green pencil

    23 August 2017 by

    Tips from Timothy Woods to help you make sure your copy does what it’s supposed to.

  7. How to write titles so your articles get found – and read

    27 September 2016 by Leif Kendall

    Are your blog post titles intriguing your readers? Or just confusing them?

  8. Do you have these 5 traits of a good writer?

    16 September 2015 by Editor

    Chris Kenworthy reflects on the personality traits that good writers share.

  9. How to tame a creative mind and trap your ideas

    26 June 2015 by Editor

    Is being free to work anywhere and at any time a gift or a curse for freelance copywriters?

  10. Words. Say a lot, don’t they?Words in a book

    26 June 2012 by Editor

    Keep your writing natural, but remember that a ‘crude-oil worker’ and a ‘crude oil worker’ mean very different things.