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  1. People are still asking what content design is

    14 September 2021 by Lauren MacNeish

    Ever wondered what content designers actually do? Lauren MacNeish explains

  2. Move over, content – is user experience king?

    19 August 2020 by Katie Thompson

    Will UX trump content in Google’s next algorithm shift? Katie Thompson explains.

  3. Content Design London — ProCopywriters Company SpotlightSarah Richards, Content Designer

    29 April 2019 by Sarah Richards

    “Content design is problem-solving. We look at a task, then how to get that across to the audience in a way that makes the most sense to them.”

  4. February #ProCopyChat

    5 February 2019 by Helen Bridal

    We’ll be joined by Lizzie Bruce (@CakeContent) so we can discover more about the Readability Guidelines project set up by Content Design London.

  5. Copywriting and content design — what’s the difference?

    13 December 2018 by Sarah Richards

    What’s content design and what’s its relationship to copywriting? Sarah Richards explains.

  6. November #ProCopyChat

    16 October 2018 by Helen Bridal

    Dubbed the ‘godmother of content design’, Sarah Richards (AKA @escmum) will be in the #ProCopyChat hot seat in November. Sarah set and implemented the content strategy for www.gov.uk and introduced […]

  7. Copywriting and content designYellow post-it notes stuck on a wall planner.

    7 September 2018 by Sarah Richards

    What is content design? Is it just another name for copywriting? Or something totally different? Sarah Richards gives us her answer.

  8. A (brief) history of content design in the UK Government

    23 September 2016 by Dawn Kofie

    Sarah Richards, former head of the UK’s digital content team, explains how content people became known as ‘content designers’.