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  1. Copywriting, content writing and the problem with ‘just the words’

    19 May 2020 by Greg Henley

    Copywriting and content writing’s so much more than just stringing a bunch of sentences together says Greg Henley.

  2. Five-minute focus on voice searchGoogle Home Mini on a black surface beside some Apple AirPods

    10 July 2019 by Sanina Kaur

    Sanina Kaur’s quick guide to voice search marketing

  3. March #ProCopyChat

    27 March 2019 by Helen Bridal

    Develop your content writing services and learn how to refocus your content marketing strategy.

  4. Copywriting and content design — what’s the difference?

    13 December 2018 by Sarah Richards

    What’s content design and what’s its relationship to copywriting? Sarah Richards explains.

  5. November #ProCopyChat

    28 November 2018 by Helen Bridal

    Dubbed the ‘godmother of content design’, Sarah Richards (AKA @escmum) will be in the #ProCopyChat hot seat in November. Sarah set and implemented the content strategy for www.gov.uk and introduced the standards and discipline of content design to the UK government. She now runs Content Design London and will be sharing her expertise during this […]

  6. Why the job title “content manager” is a misnomer

    11 July 2018 by Irene Triendl

    How do you hire the content professional you actually need (instead of the one you think you need)? Irene Triendl has a few ideas.

  7. Personas: what are they and do they really matter?

    6 June 2018 by Sanina Kaur

    Sanina Kaur demystifies personas.

  8. Five places to post your blogs

    2 May 2018 by Sanina Kaur

    Sanina Kaur says don’t just limit yourself to sharing your blogs on social media, there are lots of other homes for them.

  9. Content and copy – how these opposites attract your ideal audience

    16 November 2016 by Editor

    What’s the difference between copy and content?

  10. A (brief) history of content design in the UK Government

    23 September 2016 by Dawn Kofie

    Sarah Richards, former head of the UK’s digital content team, explains how content people became known as ‘content designers’.

  11. Finding the best copywriting project management software

    21 January 2016 by Alice Still

    Looking for software to help with copywriting project management? Alice Still reviews GatherContent, Google Drive and Confluence.