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  1. Balancing motherhood with self-employmentMother on a beach with her baby

    20 June 2019 by Ben Locker

    Yvette Lamb shares her experiences of juggling the demands that come with being a mother and a freelancer.

  2. How to get a mortgage when you’re self-employedThe words "until debt tear us apart" stencilled on a brick wall in black capital letters.

    10 October 2018 by André Spiteri

    Andre Spiteri’s helpful summary of the dos and don’ts of applying for a mortgage when you work for yourself.

  3. Going it alone: ten top tips for starting out as a freelancerWoman holding a cream-coloured mug that says 'The Adventure Begins' in front of her chest.

    29 January 2018 by Mary Whitehouse

    Mary Whitehouse’s guide to kick-starting your freelance copywriting career.

  4. Black dogs and blue Mondays: freelancing and depression

    28 February 2017 by

    How do you cope with depression when your livelihood relies on you being productive?