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  1. 5 tips for writing LinkedIn posts people will actually read

    17 December 2020 by Sian Lewis

    Sian Lewis suggestions for making sure your LinkedIn posts catch and keep your readers’ attention.

  2. Why I’m tired of marketing fluff

    8 December 2020 by Alice Hollis

    Why Alice Hollis has had enough of businesses assuming that jumping on the bandwagon is an effective marketing strategy.

  3. Create welcome emails that engage subscribers for the long term – the definitive guide

    16 September 2020 by Sabine Harnau

    Sabine Harnau’s comprehensive guide to writing welcome emails that work

  4. Respinning, repurposing, reforming and republishing content

    9 September 2020 by Alice Hollis

    Alice Hollis’ ideas for getting the most out of your content.

  5. Blogging for business, and why you shouldn’t bother

    26 June 2020 by Felicity Wild

    Felicity Wild asks if your business blogging is adding value, or adding to the tidal wave of uninspiring content on the internet?

  6. 3 things tech companies should be mindful of when blogging

    17 June 2020 by Alice Hollis

    Alice Hollis’ top 3 no-nos for tech company blogs

  7. Gated content isn’t a magic bullet for selling stuff

    9 April 2020 by Fi Shailes

    Fi Shailes on the biggest no-no if you’re putting your content behind a registration form.

  8. Freelance writers! Don’t give up!

    18 December 2019 by Ben Locker

    A pep talk for when freelance copywriting life is getting you down, courtesy of Libby Marks.

  9. Creative North review: the future of content

    13 June 2019 by Anna Gunning

    Anna Gunning gives us her take on the Creative North conference.

  10. March #ProCopyChat

    27 March 2019 by Helen Bridal

    Develop your content writing services and learn how to refocus your content marketing strategy.

  11. February #ProCopyChat

    27 February 2019 by Helen Bridal

    We’ll be joined by Lizzie Bruce (@CakeContent) so we can discover more about the Readability Guidelines project set up by Content Design London.

  12. Get creative with these 4 easy-to-use social media tools3 people on their mobile phones.

    6 February 2019 by Lorna Al-Ani

    Lorna Al-Ani’s quick guide to the social media tools you should try.