TAGcontent marketing | ProCopywriters | the Alliance of Commercial Writers - Part 2

  1. Freelance writers! Don’t give up!

    18 December 2019 by Ben Locker

    A pep talk for when freelance copywriting life is getting you down, courtesy of Libby Marks.

  2. Creative North review: the future of content

    13 June 2019 by Anna Gunning

    Anna Gunning gives us her take on the Creative North conference.

  3. March #ProCopyChat

    27 March 2019 by Helen Bridal

    Develop your content writing services and learn how to refocus your content marketing strategy.

  4. February #ProCopyChat

    27 February 2019 by Helen Bridal

    We’ll be joined by Lizzie Bruce (@CakeContent) so we can discover more about the Readability Guidelines project set up by Content Design London.

  5. Get creative with these 4 easy-to-use social media tools3 people on their mobile phones.

    6 February 2019 by Lorna Al-Ani

    Lorna Al-Ani’s quick guide to the social media tools you should try.

  6. Why content marketing is good for your small business

    7 November 2018 by Ben Locker

    Ben Hardman explains why content marketing’s a must for small businesses. (And how to do it effectively.)

  7. Tips for writing landing pages that people actually want to land on

    31 October 2018 by Sanina Kaur

    Sanina Kaur’s dos and don’ts of effective landing pages.

  8. How you can retire on £200 a month (or how and why clickbait works)A man's hand on a computer mouse.

    17 October 2018 by Fi Shailes

    Fi Shailes shines a light on the inner workings of clickbait.

  9. Why the job title “content manager” is a misnomer

    11 July 2018 by Irene Triendl

    How do you hire the content professional you actually need (instead of the one you think you need)? Irene Triendl has a few ideas.

  10. Personas: what are they and do they really matter?

    6 June 2018 by Sanina Kaur

    Sanina Kaur demystifies personas.

  11. Professional social networking should be about showcasing, not showboatingWoman with her back to a wall and standing in the shadow of a tree looking at her mobile phone.

    9 May 2018 by Elizabeth Hibbert

    Elizabeth Hibbert on how to make sure your social media content isn’t a load of charmless puffery.

  12. The essential checklist for writing call to actions that convertA hand with the forefinger pointing to the right, the thumb pointing upwards and the other 3 fingers curled into the palm

    15 November 2017 by Sanina Kaur

    Not sure how to create effective call to actions? Sanina Kaur explains how.