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  1. How you can retire on £200 a month (or how and why clickbait works)A man's hand on a computer mouse.

    17 October 2018 by Fi Shailes

    Fi Shailes shines a light on the inner workings of clickbait.

  2. What does The Economist want from its ads?

    20 July 2016 by Vikki Ross

    Mark Beard, of The Economist, is one of the speakers at Copy Cabana 2016.

  3. Writing for radio: an interview with Clare Bowen at Radiocentre

    30 June 2016 by Vikki Ross

    What’s new in the world of radio advertising? Vikki Ross interviews Clare Bowen to find out more…

  4. Copy Cabana – a conference for copywriters in September

    22 April 2016 by Vikki Ross

    Grab a seat. And hold on tight. Prepare to celebrate the life linguistic. This is Copy Cabana 2016 – a conference for copywriters and anyone who works with words.

  5. Rebooting radio writing – D&AD New Blood Awards

    21 April 2016 by Vikki Ross

    Vikki Ross shares news of the D&AD New Blood Awards – and her hopes for the future of radio advertising.

  6. When slogans do what they say on the tin

    18 April 2016 by Kady Potter

    How many of the slogans we know and love can be taken seriously? Kady Potter picks some of the best-known brand straplines and puts them to the test.

  7. Call yourself a copywriter?

    3 September 2015 by Vikki Ross

    Vikki Ross on why she’s proud to call herself a copywriter.

  8. “Let’s do something new and different”

    14 August 2015 by Vikki Ross

    Vikki Ross tells the story of #thingsyouhearinagencies and how Twitter can enable collaboration.