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  1. Two unsurprising (but often overlooked) tips for doing well on social media

    11 March 2020 by Felicity Wild

    Felicity Wild reveals the secrets that will make social media work for you.

  2. Does automating your Twitter account compromise your authenticity?

    3 March 2020 by Anna Metcalfe

    Anna Metcalfe decided to give a Twitter automation tool a go. Here’s what happened.

  3. Get creative with these 4 easy-to-use social media tools3 people on their mobile phones.

    6 February 2019 by Lorna Al-Ani

    Lorna Al-Ani’s quick guide to the social media tools you should try.

  4. January #ProCopyChat

    30 January 2019 by Helen Bridal

    Want to know how to use LinkedIn to promote yourself and find more copywriting work? John has the answers.

  5. #ProCopyChat: How to use social media productively

    29 August 2018 by Helen Bridal

    For this tweetchat, we will be joined by Go With The Pro (@GoWithTheProUK), who offer mentoring, information and support to small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

  6. How to write engaging tweets for a variety of clients

    18 June 2018 by Helen Bridal

    Want to make sure your tweets are on-brand and get the results you’re after? Helen Bridal shows you how.

  7. Professional social networking should be about showcasing, not showboatingWoman with her back to a wall and standing in the shadow of a tree looking at her mobile phone.

    9 May 2018 by Elizabeth Hibbert

    Elizabeth Hibbert on how to make sure your social media content isn’t a load of charmless puffery.

  8. What can B2B copywriters expect in 2016?

    7 January 2016 by Fiona Campbell-Howes

    Fiona Campbell-Howes makes five predictions for the year ahead in B2B content marketing.

  9. CopyCon15: Shareable content

    13 October 2015 by Sue Keogh

    Sue Keogh gives an overview of her Copywriting Conference 2015 breakout sessions on creating shareable content.

  10. 5 steps to help your blog stand out

    26 August 2015 by Ben Locker

    Michael Younger sets out a few pointers to help your blog posts reach the right readers and keep them.

  11. Creating shareable content – without reducing the quality

    24 August 2015 by Sue Keogh

    Sue Keogh on how to write shareable copy that will drive the right people to your website.

  12. The power of words – Depaul UK’s innovative new campaign

    8 April 2015 by Kirsty Marrins

    A clever, visually striking campaign that will get people to stop and think about how they can help.