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  1. Q. Why is creative tone of voice important across all touchpoints? A. Because little things matter

    4 June 2022 by Caroline Gibson

    How tiny pieces of copy sound can matter a lot. Caroline Gibson explains why.

  2. What your tone of voice can’t do for you

    28 July 2021 by Laura Kennedy

    Laura Kennedy explains why your tone of voice isn’t a cure for all your content ills

  3. Tone of voice: how to become one of the faces

    11 May 2021 by Tom Davies

    Tom Davies draws on 60s mod scene movie, Quadrophenia, for pointers about tone of voice

  4. When chatty copy goes bad

    8 January 2020 by Dawn Kofie

    Dawn Kofie on why keeping it casual isn’t always the best option.

  5. How to write an effective brand manifesto

    28 May 2019 by Ben Locker

    Richard Spencer of writing agency A Thousand Monkeys shares his advice on crafting an effective brand manifesto.

  6. October #ProCopyChat

    24 October 2018 by Helen Bridal

    We’ve got ProCopywriters member Al Robertson in our hot seat for our October #ProCopyChat. Al uses a brilliant process for effective copywriting, in order to help brands bring their personalities to life. Join us to talk about tone of voice, content strategy and a whole lot more, so you can refine your approach to brand […]

  7. How to write great FAQs in 10 stepsScreenshot of information about what to do if your Lego Power Functions motor/train/remote-controlled car isn't working

    26 September 2018 by Sabine Harnau

    Sabine Harnau’s guide to writing FAQs that are genuinely helpful for your clients and customers.

  8. How to write engaging tweets for a variety of clients

    18 June 2018 by Helen Bridal

    Want to make sure your tweets are on-brand and get the results you’re after? Helen Bridal shows you how.

  9. Ain’t too proud to beg — tone of voice in GDPR emailsAn Iphone with an email icon on the screen.

    23 May 2018 by Dawn Kofie

    Dawn Kofie explains why the tone of voice in the GDPR emails she’s received hasn’t hit the mark.

  10. Understanding your brand’s tone of voiceProfile of a man singing into a microphone

    11 April 2018 by Rob Bullen-Whatling

    Matt Fleming’s take on why tone of voice matters.

  11. Copywriter? Or actor?A close up of a clapperboard

    22 November 2017 by Rebecca Nicholl

    How do you capture the right voice in your copy? Rebecca Nicholl suggests taking inspiration from the acting world.

  12. Book review – Meaningful: The story of ideas that fly

    19 August 2016 by Anna Gunning

    Anna Gunning explores Meaningful, a book that offers a framework for getting to the bottom of what a customer wants.