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  1. How to build brand equity

    9 May 2023 by Rebecca Smith

    Rebecca Smith on what makes a quality and desirable brand

  2. The problems getting your tone of voice right can’t fix

    10 January 2023 by Editor

    Please don’t think that having a great tone of voice is a magic cure for all your branding issues says Felicity Wild

  3. 8 creative branding elements that are as important as your logo

    11 October 2022 by Hannah Cook

    How do you create a comprehensive, and unified, brand identity that actually works? Hannah Cook explains

  4. Packaging design: 7 smart ways packaging can boost your brand

    21 September 2022 by Megan Douglas

    When it comes to branding, packaging has to do an awful lot of heavy lifting. Megan Douglas examines the impact that those boxes, bottles and labels can have

  5. Why we need poets in business

    8 September 2022 by Emily Penny

    Emily Penny wonders if the power of poetry be used for branding

  6. Bland awareness

    8 February 2022 by Jo Watson

    Jo Watson explains why marketing your business shouldn’t be an identikit, me me me or focus-free affair

  7. How to build a brand that means something to someone

    19 January 2021 by Alice Hollis

    Alice Hollis explains what branding is, and why it’s worth the effort

  8. How to write an effective brand manifesto

    28 May 2019 by Editor

    Richard Spencer of writing agency A Thousand Monkeys shares his advice on crafting an effective brand manifesto.

  9. How words get people to trust you — and why it’s so darned important to be consistentA man and a woman doing a yoga pose.

    3 April 2019 by Katherine Wildman

    Katherine Wildman on why using the same specific and up-to-date messaging in your branding is a must.

  10. How to write great FAQs in 10 stepsScreenshot of information about what to do if your Lego Power Functions motor/train/remote-controlled car isn't working

    26 September 2018 by Editor

    Sabine Harnau’s guide to writing FAQs that are genuinely helpful for your clients and customers.

  11. Will this help you p-p-p-pick up your next project?

    16 May 2018 by Katherine Wildman

    Katherine Wildman asks what makes you different, and what do you want your clients and peers to associate you with?

  12. Understanding your brand’s tone of voiceProfile of a man singing into a microphone

    11 April 2018 by Rob Bullen-Whatling

    Matt Fleming’s take on why tone of voice matters.