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  1. Why I approach networking like going to the pub

    19 October 2021 by Editor

    Francesca Baker outlines why she treats networking events as if they’re just another night in her local

  2. Networking tips for freelance introverts

    16 March 2021 by Lily Karenza

    Lily Karenza suggests ways that self-employed introverts can take the pain out of making contacts and building business relationships.

  3. Speed networking — is it worth it?

    15 October 2019 by Ben Locker

    Speed networking a chance to meet like-minded business owners or death by pitching? Shaun Patrick Hand finds out.

  4. Business events: worth attending or a waste of work time?Group of people sitting in a meeting room.

    8 November 2018 by Ben Locker

    Do business events just hoover up time you could be using to do something more productive? Or are they actually worth going to? Claire Jennison gives us her view.

  5. The 3 most important things I’ve learned about networking

    13 June 2018 by Helen Say

    Networking events don’t need to be time-wasting cringe fests. Helen Say shows how to get the most out of them.

  6. Professional social networking should be about showcasing, not showboatingWoman with her back to a wall and standing in the shadow of a tree looking at her mobile phone.

    9 May 2018 by Editor

    Elizabeth Hibbert on how to make sure your social media content isn’t a load of charmless puffery.

  7. ProCopywriters: what’s not to like?Aerial shot of a road snaking across a winter landscape.

    16 August 2017 by Editor

    Birgit Diggins shares some of the ways that ProCopywriters has helped her build her copywriting business.

  8. How other copywriters can support your freelance businesshttps://unsplash.com/search/pipe?photo=xNdPWGJ6UCQ

    21 February 2017 by Anna Gunning

    Anna Gunning suggests that your fellow copywriters are not just a source of support – they can also connect you to great clients.

  9. Wordstock 2016 – the festival of words

    27 May 2016 by Kirsten Irving

    Get inspired and develop your skills with a day of talks, panels, awards and project launches – at Wordstock 2016.

  10. Welcome to copywriting – a free one-day talk

    18 March 2016 by Kady Potter

    Attend a free one-day talk for new, junior and future copywriters on April 30 in London.

  11. The midweight’s mid-life crisis: on giving advice

    27 January 2016 by Kady Potter

    Once you’ve spent a few years working as a copywriter, newer writers will probably start coming to you for advice. What’s the best way to respond?

  12. Are you free on 28 January?

    13 January 2016 by Vikki Ross

    Meet other copywriters at the next #copywritersunite event in London.