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  1. Not all clients are good for your freelance business

    26 October 2021 by Ben McKinney

    Ben McKinney explores some ways to deal with difficult clients

  2. When client relationships go sour

    20 September 2021 by Jenny Lucas

    Jenny Lucas’ suggestions for spotting, and dealing with, badly behaved clients

  3. These people will be nightmare clients, guaranteed

    23 September 2020 by Mike Garner

    Mark Garner’s advice on how to avoid clients who’ll make your life a misery.

  4. What my dog teaches me about customer focus

    28 July 2020 by Anna Metcalfe

    Anna Metcalfe explains the links between dog agility and tuning into your customers.

  5. How to find copywriting clients who share your values

    18 November 2019 by Kathy Sharpe

    Kathy Sharpe’s ideas for identifying copywriting clients you’ll feel good about working with.

  6. It’s not me, it’s you! When to break up with a clientStorm clouds

    18 September 2019 by Editor

    Sally Major’s thoughts on how to figure out if it’s time to part ways a client.

  7. The copywriter says no: five unreasonable client requests and how to handle them

    30 January 2019 by Jenny Lucas

    How do you answer the tricky questions clients often ask, politely and assertively? Jenny Lucas has some suggestions.

  8. Five easy ways to keep your clients happy

    28 May 2018 by Richard Steele

    What do we want? Satisfied clients! When do we want them? Now! Richard Steele shows us how.

  9. How other copywriters can support your freelance businesshttps://unsplash.com/search/pipe?photo=xNdPWGJ6UCQ

    21 February 2017 by Anna Gunning

    Anna Gunning suggests that your fellow copywriters are not just a source of support – they can also connect you to great clients.

  10. How to find freelance work in a hurry

    15 September 2016 by Leif Kendall

    When the phone stops ringing and your inbox empties – how can you drum up work in a hurry?

  11. How can copywriters win bigger clients and bigger projects?

    29 June 2016 by Leif Kendall

    Do you want to find more high-profile clients? Are you looking for bigger fish – or bigger budgets?

  12. Translating client feedback

    14 December 2015 by Kady Potter

    Kady Potter offers up some useful interpretations of the most common client feedback that copywriters get.