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  1. My first twelve months as a freelancer

    27 June 2019 by Matthew Drzymala

    Matthew Dryzmala looks back on his first year as a self-employed copywriter.

  2. Don’t be a starving writer. Steer clear of the millsPiles of gold coins next to a white piggy bank

    27 September 2017 by Editor

    Ever wondered how much you’d have to work to make ends meet writing for content mills? Andrew Nattan’s worked it out.

  3. How freelance copywriters pay for themselves

    9 March 2017 by Editor

    Elise Spicer dissects the reasons why copywriters are great for business.

  4. How to find freelance work in a hurry

    15 September 2016 by Leif Kendall

    When the phone stops ringing and your inbox empties – how can you drum up work in a hurry?