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  1. Don’t try this alone: why freelancers need friends

    14 October 2020 by Amy Boylan

    Amy Boylan runs through the many benefits of having buddies who are freelancers too.

  2. How I survived 2019 as a freelance copywriter

    10 January 2020 by Matthew Drzymala

    Matthew Drzymala lists all the things he did differently, freelance copywriting-wise, in 2019

  3. My first twelve months as a freelancer

    27 June 2019 by Matthew Drzymala

    Matthew Dryzmala looks back on his first year as a self-employed copywriter.

  4. 4 things I love most about freelancing

    5 December 2018 by Sanina Kaur

    Sanina Kaur waxes lyrical on her favourite things about freelance life.

  5. The Freelance Files: ‘work-life balance, where are you?’

    19 September 2018 by Sanina Kaur

    Sanina Kaur explains why going freelance might not necessarily be the answer to all your work-life balance related woes.

  6. There’s more to being a freelance copywriter than just writing good words

    26 May 2015 by Rachel Ramsay

    Marketing, accounting, project management…it’s a wonder freelancers have any time to spend on actual copywriting.