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  1. What’s your New Year’s writing resolution?

    11 January 2021 by Carl Owen

    Here’s what the team at Word Monster want to stop doing, keep doing and learn in 2021.

  2. Freelance writers! Don’t give up!

    18 December 2019 by Editor

    A pep talk for when freelance copywriting life is getting you down, courtesy of Libby Marks.

  3. About to publish that copy? Read this first

    14 November 2018 by Fi Shailes

    Ever had that sinking, ‘but-I-thought-it-was-good-to-go!’ feeling right after you’ve published a blog post? Fi Shailes shows you how to avoid it.

  4. Five easy ways to keep your clients happy

    28 May 2018 by Richard Steele

    What do we want? Satisfied clients! When do we want them? Now! Richard Steele shows us how.