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  1. Copywriting Conference 2017 – was it any good?Piles of the packs of idea cards given out at Copywriting Conference 2017

    16 October 2017 by Dawn Kofie

    Dawn Kofie gives us her take on Copywriting Conference 2017.

  2. 6 email lists I actually read (and recommend to you)

    8 December 2016 by Anna Gunning

    Anna Gunning shares her favourite email newsletters for copywriters.

  3. Book review – Meaningful: The story of ideas that fly

    19 August 2016 by Anna Gunning

    Anna Gunning explores Meaningful, a book that offers a framework for getting to the bottom of what a customer wants.

  4. How to tame a creative mind and trap your ideas

    26 June 2015 by Editor

    Is being free to work anywhere and at any time a gift or a curse for freelance copywriters?

  5. A foolproof way to get ideas for blog postsGold Panning

    10 June 2012 by Editor

    Finding ideas for blog posts can be like panning for gold. But if you know how to make ideas collide, you’ll never run short of inspiration.