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  1. The Little Book of Confusables a review

    14 December 2022 by Ruth Sedar

    Ruth Sedar’s a big fan of the latest book by fellow copywriter (and ProCopywriters member) Sarah Townsend. Here’s why.

  2. 7 essential books every freelancer should read

    21 July 2021 by Graeme Piper

    Graeme Piper’s rundown of must-have books for freelancers

  3. Book review – Business Writing Tips for Easy and Effective ResultsBusiness writing tips for easy and effective results by Robert Bullard

    6 September 2017 by Anna Gunning

    Anna Gunning’s thoughts on Robert Bullard’s collection of “170 punchy tips” for effective business writing.

  4. Book review: The Quiet Copywriter by Katherine Tate

    5 April 2017 by Dawn Kofie

    Dawn Kofie reviews The Quiet Copywriter: An Introvert’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Business by Katherine Tate

  5. Book review – Meaningful: The story of ideas that fly

    19 August 2016 by Anna Gunning

    Anna Gunning explores Meaningful, a book that offers a framework for getting to the bottom of what a customer wants.